We help you achieve your goals by making technology work for you. Our IT consulting services team can assist you in all your needs, helping to create an IT plan for the future.



Whether you are a big company or a small business, We offer services that will fit your requirements to fulfil your business and IT needs. Our smart solutions and effective services make us an excellent partner.



Whether it’s a small or big Business, we help you achieve your goals by making technology work for you. Our IT consulting services will assist you and your business by helping to create an IT plan for the future.



We help you achieve your business goals by realizing your idea into reality. We walk the extra mile with our customers BRIDGING THE GAP at every step while crossing the technology hurdles in their journey to achieve their business goals and technology aspirations.


Our premium consulting services at no Cost for your IT environment assessment

Free Enterprise IT Assessment

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Residency/Support Services

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With a complete range of advanced IT Solutions with best in breed features, we ensure your peace of mind while increasing your ROI.
Vendor agnostic solution consisting of:

  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Network Design & Architecture
  • Application Management
  • Service Management & Helpdesk
  • Datacentre Setup, Automation & Management
  • Cloud Adoption & Management
  • Application Development
  • Software, Operating System and Hardware Solutions


We understand the vital importance of safeguarding your data and information security. We have security systems and custom software to protect it so it's all unquestionably safe and secure.
We offer Best in Breed solutions for:

  • Data Loss Prevention/Data Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Antivirus Solutions

We're different here's why.

We’re not your normal IT services company.  We do not believe in blindly following trends or doing what everyone else does because it’s the style of the moment.  Our Enterprise Solutions looks at the long game.  We are a provider of managed IT service delivery and IT consulting services.  We are committed to providing the finest services both today and far into the future.  We are wholly committed to the success of our customers and will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have exactly what you want, when you want it.  We are at your service.

Ardour Technologies provide services that are different, innovative, and responsive. How do we do it? Simple. Our team has been in this industry for many years. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and more importantly, we know why things work. We provide everything you need for success by maintaining a round the clock staff of experts, providing state-of-the-art, best of breed services, and expert training for everyone on our team. Our team is never content and always striving to do better, for you.

At Ardour Technologies, we believe that nothing is more important than the interaction between our customers and our team. We don’t want to just get a sale, we want to build a relationship. The long term success of Ours Custom Solutions is entirely dependent upon the success of our customers. It’s you, the customer who keeps us in business. We know that, and it is our goal to do whatever we can help you succeed.

It takes vision, dedication and respect to make enterprise solutions & services the best they can be.  You want to provide the best services to your customers and we take great lengths to ensure that our team provides you with the best services available.  We understand that there is a great deal of choice in this industry.  We also have the utmost respect for the fact that you chose our services.  You made a choice, you put your faith in our expertise, and it’s up to us to make sure that you are delighted with our services no matter what.

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